Winter 1998



Winter 1998

Table of Contents

Special Feature

Meditation: On the Bus with Rosa Parks (Sit Back, Relax; “The situation is intolerable”; Freedom Ride; Climbing In; Claudette Colvin Goes to Work; The Enactment; Rosa; QE2. Transatlantic Crossing. Third Day; In the Lobby of the Warner Theatre, Washington, DC; & The Pond, Porch-View: Six P.M., Early Spring)


In Praise of Folly

In the Presence of the Clearwater

The Blind World, Atomic Battlefields

The Wilderness North of the Merrimack



Objects Past the Shoreline

Rodeo Parole

The Elixir

The End of California


Brother Francisco Anthony Eats an Apple

How the Streets in Front of Kaufmann’s Department Store Tell Me I Am Home

Let’s Assume It Happened

Shaker Dance

The Trail

There’s Only One Poem

Ubi Sunt


Jazz Icons


Against (on Viper Rum by Mary Karr; Picnic, Lightning by Billy Collins; Last Chance for the Tarzan Holler by Thylias Moss; and Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes)

Familiar Pleasures: Some Masters (on The Atonement and Other Stories by Louis Auchincloss; Aliens of Affection by Padgett Powell; Open to the Public: New and Collected Stories by Muriel Spark; and The Complete Stories by Bernard Malamud)

Lives Worth Reading (on Inventing the Truth: The Art and Craft of Memoir, edited by William Zinsser; Wounds of Passion: A Writing Life by bell hooks; Scratching the Woodchuck: Nature on an Amish Farm by David Kline; This Death by Drowning by William Kloefkorn; and Moses Unchained by Marilyn F. Moriarty)

on A Long Way from St. Louie by Colleen J. McElroy

on Cultures of Habitat: On Nature, Culture, and Story by Gary Paul Nabhan

on Don’t Worry about the Kids by Jay Neugeboren

on Reaching Keet Seel: Ruin’s Echo and the Anasazi by Reg Saner

on The Bunker in the Parsley Fields by Gary Gildner

on The City in Literature: An Intellectual and Cultural History by Richard Lehan

on The Poems of J. V. Cunningham, edited by Timothy Steele

on Wet Places at Noon by Lee K. Abbott