Winter 2000



Winter 2000

Table of Contents


Cathedrals, Churches, Caves: Notes on Architecture, History, and Worship


The Condition of My Faith

The Stablest Element



The Chief Creatures of God

The Journey West


Aunt Avis

Do They Have a Reason?

Happiness Jazz



Sister Mary Appassionata on the Grand Unified Theory


Song of the Oceans of the World Becoming

The Betrayal


Authoritative Voice (on The Drowning and Other Stories by Edward J. Delaney; The Baby Can Sing and Other Stories by Judith Slater; My Father, Dancing by Bliss Broyard; and Welding with Children by Tim Gautreaux)

Horton Hatchets Hitler (on Dr. Seuss Goes to War: The World War II Editorial Cartoons of Theodor Seuss Geisel by Richard H. Minear

In Pursuit of Elegance (on Learning Human: Selected Poems by Les Murray; Open Closed Open by Yehuda Amichai; Tiepolo’s Hound by Derek Walcott; The Flashboat: Poems Collected and Reclaimed by Jane Cooper; Reign of Snakes by Robert Wrigley; How Things Are by James Richardson; Years Later by Gregory Djanikian; and Different Hours by Stephen Dunn)

on Holy Personal: Looking for Small Private Places of Worship by Laura Chester and Donna DeMari

on Notes for a Late-blooming Martyr by Marlys West

The Elegant Dances of Marcel Proust and W. B. Yeats (on Marcel Proust: A Life by William C. Carter; Yeats’s Ghosts: The Secret Life of W. B. Yeats by Brenda Maddox)

The Eloquent Wrath of Sylvia Plath (on The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath by Karen V. Kukil)

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