Winter 2015



Winter 2015

Table of Contents


Almandal Grimoire: The Book as Magical Object

My Heart Lies Between “The Fleet” and “All the Ships”


A Woman Gone Missing


Queen of the Waves

The Sorrows You Can’t Enter


Alva and the Complex Pool


Demeter’s Escape

Elm Street

Infusion: Round III

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Careful

Pregnant Belly

Shayma Interviewed by a Medical Red Cross Staff Member in Corigliano Calabro

Stories; Dentures; Survey: Better Mousetrap; Painting 101; “You’ve been worrying that it’s wasted time.”; & Composite

They’re Saying Now That Feathers Are Mostly Light, That Wings Are Mostly Not There

White Out


on City Lights Pocket Poets Anthology: 60th Anniversary Edition, edited by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

on Counternarratives by John Keene

on Testimony: The United States (1885–1915): Recitative by Charles Reznikoff

on The Empire of the Dead by Tracy Daugherty

on Ben Segal’s Pool Party Trap Loop

Playing Fields for the Short Story (on Amy Gustine’s You Should Pity Us Instead; Rebecca Makkai’s Music for Wartime; and Flash Fiction International: Very Short Stories from Around the World, edited by James Thomas, Robert Shapard, and Christopher Merrill)