Winter 2020



Winter 2020

Table of Contents

To Our Readers

To Our Readers


Spontaneous Meditations on Immediacy and Distraction (concerning collective national psychology and by extension general planetary thinking)

Who We Are as Floral, Faunal, Mineral Beings


An Extended Public Service Announcement & What Would You Ask the Artist?

Attempts at Order; This Headline Made Me Think of Being Ten; Inspiration; Just Saying; Doppelgänger; & Barangay

Day (with an annotation by Blake Butler)

Happiness Is Very Hard (Is It); Dark Eye Circles; & God Knows Our Secrets, translated from the Taiwanese Mandarin by Nicholas Wong

Interstate & Thread

Letter of Recommendation; Bookending the Day; The Listener; & Ghazal of Air

Making Tamales with Mom on Christmas Eve & The Field

Shaken 1: From fairest creatures we desire increase; Shaken 58: That god forbid that made me first your slave; & Shaken 127: In the old age black was not counted fair

Spring View

The Difficulties of Travel; The Procession to Calvary; & In Such a Way That

Unclear, the Level of the Tide; So Below; & Paring the Earth