Fall 2020



Fall 2020

Table of Contents

To Our Readers

To Our Readers


Invisible Woman: A Reflection on Being Seen in America

Listening to the Thrush: Notes toward the Greening of Poetry in a Time of Global Climate Change

Teaching Ecopoetry in a Time of Climate Change


A Notable Social Event; A Blight on the Landscape; & Things That Fall from the Sky



No Stories

The First Time I Said It

The Turtle Head Epidemic


[the unguent list] & [kindergarten emergency tap-root tableaux]

a list of things we could do tonight to avoid studying for our final exams & self-portrait

Baby Snake Signs with a Flourish & Brown Bear Is a Confiding Schoolgirl

Chorus of Raids at Night; Chorus of Battles at Dawn; Chorus of Peace at Dusk; Chorus of Shame at Midnight; & To-Do List Theater Nurse

Each of Us Chimera

Elegy for the Mall; Peking Garden; & Not Dogs

Goberkli Tepe; The App; Upanishad, 2019 a.d.; & Babel

It’s Like This I Told the Archangel; Fabulous Outrageous Termite Mounds; & Trees Line the Road Into


The Story; Xī’ān Nocturne with Jasmine and Pears; Demolished Landscape with Open Mouth; Memory in a Foreign Language; & Additionally, what freedoms have I been trained to deny myself?

Tragicomic Trigger Warning