Spring 2020



Spring 2020

Table of Contents

Un-Redacted: A Census of Native Land

Disneyland, Not

Don de Soto, Un-Redacted, As Told by the Lady of Cofitachequi

Earthworks and Indigenous Return

Exile of Memory

Notes from Coosa

The Treaty of New Echota: The Beloved Path Narrows

The “Loyalty” Questions: On the Legacy of Japanese Detention During World War Two

The Citizenship Question: A Conversation

The Citizenship Question: Miné Okubo, Margaret Anderson, Sensus Communis

Field Index: The Georgia Incarceration Performance Project

The New South and the New Slavery: Convict Labor in Georgia & The Convict Lease System (text from The New South and the New Slavery: Convict Labor in Georgia); Special Collections Convict Lease Tour. Stop 1: Vagrancy Laws by Jan Levinson Hebbard; Teach-In Dispatch by Jacqueline Kari; Meeting Dispatch by Steven Soper; & Selected Testimony Used in a Gallery Activity, from Proceedings of the Joint Committee Appointed to Investigate the Condition of the Georgia Penitentiary, Atlanta, Georgia, 1870.


“Demonic and Legionized, They Entered” (from Administrations of Lunacy: Racism and the Haunting of American Psychiatry at the Milledgeville Asylum)

Do Migrants Dream of Blue Barrels?

From “American Diva”

Mapping Subjectivity

The Citizenship Question

The Citizenship Question, or, A Hundred and a Piece, a Leaky Citizenship Form

Writing the Immigrant Southern in the New New South


Across the Rock

Giving Away the Dental Hygienist’s Idea for a Patent [2019 Loraine Williams Poetry Prize Winner]

If I Ever Get My Citizenship Papers

Praise for the Porchbed

The Citizenship Question

The Gospel of Good Roads: A Letter to the American Farmer

The Second Front Door

Ticking the Box

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